Staydilly, Adding Mystery to Luxury Accommodation at Affordable Price

Song Eu Jin, CEO Staydilly

In the very competitive world of online hotel booking engines, new player Staydilly wants to seduce travellers looking at excellent value for fine hotels, mostly from first class to luxury. And at the same time to offer hotels a protection against dumping prices.

However, there is just a slight trick on the website… The name of the booked hotel is only revealed once the booking confirmed. “With this kind of idea, we come back to the basic concept of customers choosing a hotel not just for the brand but for the quality of service, the location and their own needs. It is also a fair process for the hotel itself”, says Song Eu Jin, CEO of Staydilly, who was present for the first time at Thailand Travel Mart in Chiang Mai.

Created a few months ago, Staydilly offers already a portfolio of over 400 hotels in eight countries in Southeast Asia, mostly in a four- to five-star range with the promise to provide prices of a three-star hotel. Destinations include Bangkok, Bali, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, Penang or Singapore among others. “The bottom line is customer. We know that the choice of a hotel hangs to three main factors:low price, quality of service and location”, adds Song Eu Jin.

“We however encourage them to choose their hotel according to their own wishes: geography and type of hotel. This is why we got rid of the traditional stars’ classification to adopt a classification according to the type of property such as boutique hotel, business hotel, luxury, beach resort… To classify physically the hotel by providing also a precise description is a new way to think booking but it also helps give the same chances to properties we sell online”, explains Staydilly CEO. Criteria for online guests include the presence of a spa, outdoor pool, business centres among others.

“We work with hotels to be sure that we stop the idea of permanent discount up to the point where hotel owners do not make any money”.

Staydilly is a young company and its portfolio still looks limited compared to some of its competitors. “Our most represented country is Thailand, followed by Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and Singapore. Bangkok has the biggest choice of properties at around 60”, tells Song.

“We however need to be stronger in Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam while we look at adding in the future properties in the Philippines and Brunei. We also want to move into more Song Eu Jin second tier destinations as they represent a huge development potential such as Ipoh or Hoi An”, he further adds.

The strategy seems to pay off. records on average 8,000 unique visitors per day. An encouraging sign of confidence for the new online platform.