Indonesia Ministry of Tourism in Partnership with Adobe

Indonesia Ministry of Tourism has entered into a partnership with IT company Adobe to use its “Experience Cloud” application to broaden its reach, connect with travelers better, and improve its competitiveness in the region.

With 12 million foreign tourist arrivals in 2016, a 15.5% increase from the previous year and 15 million foreign visitors expected this year, the ministry is keen to improve country’s tourism industry and deliver unforgettable experiences for visitors.

“Experience Cloud” will allow the ministry to use tools like Livefyre to tap into the power of user-generated content and Adobe Analytics to access in-depth analysis of web traffic and visitors to strategise audience targeting.

The partnership also allows the ministry to tap into Adobe’s network of airline partners and share future exchanges of customer segment data between the ministry and the partners.

“Indonesia is a wonderful destination with so much to offer. We are known for our magnificent islands, pristine beaches and traditional cultures, yet there is so much more to be discovered,” said Arief Yahya, minister of tourism, Republic of Indonesia.

“It is important for us to reinvent the way we tell our stories, and continually promote new destinations and activities to our audiences coming from all parts of the world, and Adobe has shown us just how that can be done.

“The partnership with Adobe will help us connect with our visitors more effectively, better understand their preferences, and be able to customize the experience for them accordingly”, explained the Minister.

The partnership is done under the Ministry marketing’s “Go Digital” theme for 2017.