Is Thai Lion Air Reliable when Planning International Routes?

Thai Lion Air regularly makes announcements for new international routes, which are then postponed or even cancelled. Bangkok-Yangon in 2016, Bangkok-Denpasar and Bangkok-Taipei in 2017 are some examples of the unreliability of the carrier…

2016 brought bad luck to Thai Lion Air which was forced to postpone twice its flights between Bangkok Don Mueang and Yangon. And for this summer 2017, the carrier again made earlier announcements for new routes which then have been postponed. Due to be launch on July 1, then August 1, a new route between Bangkok Don Mueang and Denpasar in Bali will be finally launched the daily flight on September 15.

The website of the airline offers currently promotion, which confirms the future route.The delay was officially explained by bad flying times with a very late arrival in Bali. The future route will now start in the morning out of Bangkok with the return flight from Denpasar taking place in the early afternoon.

However, a route between Bangkok and Taipei, due to start at the same time than Bangkok-Bali, seems to be indefinitely postponed. However, it announced to convert into a schedule flight from September charter operations from Bangkok to Changsha. Earlier this year, the carrier launched flights from Don Mueang to Nanjing -a former regular charter flight converted into a schedule line- and to Hanoi. Domestically, the carrier also launched a service to Phitsanulok.

From Chiang Mai, the carrier started flying in July to Guangzhou but another flight from Chiang Rai to Guangzhou looks to have been pushed back to better times. The initial flight was due to start operations in September 3 with three weekly services. However, after announcing to fly Chiang Rai-Changsha (China), Thai Lion Air removed the new frequency to finally reinstate the route. It started in early August with four weekly flights.