Thai Smile More Integrated to Thai Airways through Passengers Service System

Announced at the end of July, Thai Smile migrated its entire booking and passengers handling system to Amadeus Altéa Suite. However, it still needs to improve its booking engine on the web as cancelled flights are not properly shown…

Hybrid carrier Thai Smile, a subsidiary of Thai Airways International recently reinforced its synergies with its main shareholde by changing its reservation and ticketing system to the Amadeus Altéa Suite to increase the efficiency of booking, making it more convenient, accurate and faster. The system will also support the connectivity with other airlines, starting from 1st of August onwards. The airline hopes that it will be able to deliver a better service, especially for travellers conneting from regional and domestic routes of Thai Smile into the intercontinental network of Thai Airways International.

Mr. Wiwat Piyawiroj, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Thai Smile Airways, revealed that THAI Smile choses Amadeus Altéa has been implemented in four key areas including Reservation, Ticketing, Inventory and Check-in (Departure Control).

Efficiency of passenger services and staff performance has been enhanced thanks to imrpoved speed and automation. Results are particularly visible in case of disruption of flights. Rebooking passengers and transfer them to new flights are now easier.

Amadeus Altéa offers a modern Passenger Service System (PSS) used by over 130 leading airlines, which helps to strengthen end-to-end customer service as a material aspect. Built as a community platform, Amadeus Altéa is designed to allow Thai Smile to share information more efficiently with parent airline Thai Airways International and other partner airlines, delivering more seamless services.

Amadeus Altéa is also regarded as an important tool in supporting the long-term airline business needs and increasing the ability to cooperate in various transactions amongst alliance airlines that share common information, exchange seat availability status, ticket price, passenger and booking information in order to offer full and efficient services.

“Because we put the first priority on our passengers, we are confident that the success in migrating  to Amadeus Altéa system which is well known in the airline industry for its professionalism, modernity and reliability, will empower Thai Smile to deliver seamless services to passengers efficiently as well as enhance the potential of the parent airline, Thai Airways International. Together both airlines should become again benchmarks for excellent service in Asia’s airline industry”, analysed Wiwat Piyawiroj.

The airline will still need to improve its booking engine on the website which continues to offer insufficient information for passengers. For example with cancelled flights. The carrier decided recently to terminate the route Bangkok-Kota Kinabalu starting from September 1st. However, on the booking engine, Kota Kinabalu is still mentioned and by booking the flight, a message pops in with “Something went wrong. We are sorry for the inconvenience, we encountered an error processing your request“. No word indicating about the cancellation of the flight, which might mislead customers.

Transparency should be an absolute priority for the airline when providing information to its customers and if it wants to set up its image as a reliable carrier…