F.O.C. Porters at Jakarta Airport

Jakarta Soekarno Hatta airport

Good news for passengers flying into and from Jakarta. Since September 1st, Angkasa Pura, Jakarta airport authority, turned the porters’ service facility at the airport. The service is available for both arriving and departing passengers at Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport.

Angkasa Pura II’s (AP II) CEO, Muhammad Awaluddin, announced that porters are now called “airport helpers” with passengers no longer expected to tip or pay for luggage services. AP II says as “airport helpers”  employees are expected to not only help with luggage but also to assist passengers in any way they can during passengers visit to the airport. And, again, all this service and no charge!
In the past, free-of-charge airport porter services only existed for international passengers in Terminal III. By extending the free-porter service to all terminals, the Jakarta Airport Authority aims to enhance the international reputation of the Airport by optimizing the travel experience.
An AP II spokesperson explained that in the past Porters working at Soekarno-Hatta Airport totaled 800 and were employed by three vendors who set luggage fee and tip targets for the porters. Under the new scheme, Porters will now be employed by PT Ankasa Pura Solusi – a subsidiary of AP II who will set salary levels for porters that will no longer be derived from fees and tips.
The Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, has heartily endorsed the free-of-charge porter program at Jakarta’s airport.
In another development, another major step has been taken to improve passengers experience, when transiting etween the three passengers terminal buildings. The future Automated People Mover System or Skytrain began to be tested until the middle of September with plans to open the service to the public between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The skytrain is due to be extended at a later stage to Terminal 1.

The Phase I of the Skytrain will run along 1,700 m between Terminal 2 and terminal 3. Once completed, the Skytrain will run along three km of tracks.  “The operation of Skytrain will obviously improve service standards and the competitiveness of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport with the best airports in ASEAN. The service will be free of charge”, ” highlights AP II CEO Muhammad Awaluddin.

When fully operational, the Skytrain will consist of at least 3 trainset with intervals set at about 5 minutes between two trains and travel time of all route taking approximately 7 minutes.