Fancy a Picnic with Garuda Indonesia?

tional flag carrier Garuda Indonesia and state-owned Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) have recently come up with a tourism program called Ayo Liburan (‘Let’s Take a Vacation’ in Bahasa Indonesia) that can help contribute to the tourism ministry’s target of 20 million overseas tourists and 275 million local travellers by 2019.

“Ayo Liburan program is a real, innovative and creative act in creating an interesting travel package that attracts travelers to participate,” said tourism minister Arief Yahya at the launching event of the program during the summer.

“As a national flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia has to keep on innovating, expanding their network as well as acting as a bridge that connects the archipelago with people from all over the world; the airline itself is already on track by offering world class standards. We have to calibrate and analyze what we have done to improve Indonesian tourism,” added Arief.

The travel program offers participants to travel to five destinations in Indonesia namely Belitung, Labuan Bajo, Malang, Padang, and Banyuwangi throughout the months of August until November this year.

“The Ayo Liburan program can be accessed from Garuda Indonesia mobile app or website From there you need to choose five destinations that you would like to go, set up the date and pay the fee. It’s easy and simple,” explained Garuda Indonesia president director Pahala N. Mansury.

Apart from flight tickets, travellers can also make an arrangement for hotels, local tour packages, entrance fee to some of the tourist attractions, transportation and even culinary tour packages from the program. Most exciting is also the possib ility to integrate a picnic in a top spot in each destination.

Picnics are organised on one of Komodo islands, on one of the soft sandy beaches of Belitung, on the brink of a river in Malang, in the middle of an African-like ‘savannah’ in Banyuwangior along the beach front of the city of Padang in West Sumatra.

“This program is BNI’s support for the development of Indonesian tourism by expanding access to the nation’s leading destinations through affordable ticket prices,” added BNI president director Achmad Baiquni.

The program also offers an interesting opportunity to travel with travel influencers such as Ana Octarina in Malang, Anggey Anggraini in Belitung, Marischka Prudence in Labuan Bajo, Febrian in Banyuwangi and Goenrock in Padang.