Hanoi Opera Opens for Tours

Southeast Asia most spectacular theatre, the Opera House in Hanoi, opens now its doors for tours for architecture lovers.

The opening day took place on September 6 and attracted a large number of visitors, especially elderly. The visitors will learn during the tour about  about the history of the construction, the architecture of the theater, the main hall entrance, the staircase area and the auditorium of the theatre, as well as the original hand painted designs by the French architects.

Hanoi Opera was built between 1901 and 1911 and was modelled after Opera Garnier in Paris. It was designed by two French architects, Harlay and Broyer are designers of the Project. It requested 300 permanent workers and used more than 120, 00m3 of materials, nearly 600 tons of iron and steel. The building has a floor area of 2600m2, 87m in length, 30m in width and the highest point of the building is 34m from the ground surface. The stage can accommodate up to 870 viewers. The reception room in front on the second floor is famed for its series of mirrors. Funding for construction of the Theatre at the time was 2,000,000 French Francs.

Tour visitors are then welcomed to the VIP room of the theatre, learning about traces of bullet shots from December 1946, as well as important events which took place at the Cach Mang Thang Tam (August Revolution) Square from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present.

On the third floor, the travellers also have a chance to learn more about the building materials and theatre decorations from the early twentieth century, the restoration process of the theater in 1995, documents, ancient photos on the theater and events which took place both inside and outside the theatre.

After experiencing the historical architectural value of the Hanoi Opera House, visitors will be able to enjoy an art performance.

The Opera House is open to visitors at 10.30am every Monday and Friday. From October, the theatre will increase their reception. The tour lasts for 90 minutes and costs VND400,000 (US$22).

The tours are expected to implement the policy of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on promoting the Hanoi Opera House as a place to perform quality art works, preserve traditional art and build academic art works.