Brunei Prepares for Golden Jubilee of Sultan’s Accession to the Throne

Brunei prepares to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Sultan’s accession to the throne. A Royal Parade, an Audience Ceremony as well as a Royal Procession around Bandar Seri Begawan will take place on October 5. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has now been in power since 1967. He is 71 years old. Brunei is the last Borneo sultanate to be still alive. The country gained independance from Britain in 1984.

The government has set up a website, mobile app and social media accounts that provide updates on upcoming event. Information can be accessed for a complete information on the Golden Jubilee celebration, including calendar of events, posters and news publications. The updates can be viewed on the HMjubliemas app on Android. An iOS version is on the way.

Both the website and app feature an interactive platform that lets people convey their greetings online. The public will also be able to watch live broadcast of the events streamed to the site and app. To ensure the smooth running of the rehearsals and celebration, members of public are advised to cooperate and adhere to the instructions given by relevant authorities.

The country will be on holiday for at least two days, many roads will be closed to cars in the capital city for the Parade. Many public institutions are likely to be closed for an entire week.

The upcoming commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah accession to the throne will be another important part of the country’s history that will become an oral tradition amongst the future generations, declared local authorities…