Sixth Bike Ride Sharing Service to Make its Debut in Singapore

Singapore local newspaper the Straits Times revealed that another bike ride sharing service in Singapore. The new  dockless bike-sharing service called “Baicycle” is backed by Chinese electronics firm Xiaomi. The new company is arriving in an already very crowded market for bike-sharing services.

They are already five companies involved in similar services -ofo, MoBike, oBike, SG Bike and GBikes. They already represent a total of 30,000 share bicycles available to the public.

Baicycle is expected to make its debut by the end of the year. The name is a play on the Chinese word “bai”, meaning white – the colour of its bicycles. Baicycle, available in China and Japan, will be brought to Singapore by Xiaobai Technology, a local company started by Mr Terence Tan, who also runs Eco Biz International, a decade-old Singapore firm specialising in mobility devices. The company is expected to put into service some 2,000 conventional bikes.

Baicycle wants however to be different of competition. The company wants also to offer shared electric bicycles and e-scooters, on top of regular bikes. “Because of the hot weather and ageing population, we want more products to serve customers,” ezxplained Terence Tan to The Straits Times. Baicycle wants to be able to propose by next year a combined force of 10,000 e-bikes and e-scooters.

National University of Singapore transport researcher Lee Der-Horng however shared its doubts over the success if of so many bike-sharing companies in the City Island, questioning the sustainability of such systems.

Dr Lee said bike-sharing aims to tackle the first-and last-mile commute but this is not a major issue in Singapore because of public transport and covered walkways in Housing Board towns, which 80 per cent of the population reside in. Asked about Baicycle, he said: “It sounds very attractive but whether this can translate into a positive user experience, we will need to observe.”

(Source: Straits Times)