APEC Hosting is a Unique Opportunity for Vietnam

Vietnam, Danang, APEC

Danang will play host to the APEC Summit 2017and to prepare for the prestigious event, the coastal city in Central Vietnam has been actively implementing various tourism promoting activities and programs, such as the Danang Smile campaign; the organisation of a conference on tourism investment promotion in response to APEC Summit; making video clips promoting Danang tourism at the APEC Summit, setting  tours for the delegates, the wives and husbands of heads of state; building a set of publications and gifts to identify Danang tourism as a gift to delegates; organizing the community cultural space …

A special tour has been designed for about 3,000 delegates who are international correspondents reporting on the APEC Summit Week, focusing on the destinations and cultural features of Da Nang.

On November 4 to 13, the city will assign officials with professional skills and good foreign languages to work at information stalls to provide travel information to delegates.

These information stalls will be set up at Danang International Airport as well a many places in the city centre.

Meanwhile, Quang Nam province has also completed the construction of a series of special tours on culture and people of Quang Nam, on the occasion of the APEC Summit 2017, as it has been selected to host some events and activities within the framework of the APEC Year 2017, notably the Finance Minister’s Meeting, the tour for the spouses of APEC leaders …

Hoi An ancient town with ancient houses, moss roof tiles, quiet neighborhood … will be a destination where tourists will discover the old crowded city that was formed hundreds of years ago.

My Son Holy Land is expected to impress visitors for the country’s effort to preserve and promote cultural values.

Experiences in the silk village of Hoi An, Thanh Ha pottery village, and Kim Bong carpentry village will help visitors get specific insights, better understand the unique beauty of the old crafts of Vietnamese people, which have been preserved well until today.

The Hoi An-Cu Lao Cham inland waterway route linking with resorts and beaches as well as Cu Lao Cham World Biosphere Reserve have been identified as a key destination for APEC 2017.

For nearly a year, more than 100 meetings have taken place in Vietnam, attracting tens of thousands of officials, businesses and journalists from the APEC economies, through which Vietnam has had opportunities to promote tourism in many areas.

The positive results achieved by holding conferences since the beginning of the year are an important basis for Vietnam to continue preparing well for the upcoming APEC Summit Week in Da Nang.

The summit week will attract the leaders of the member economies, together with many leaders of international organizations, big corporations in the world, and representatives of foreign media agencies.

This is a golden opportunity for Vietnam to promote its image – a dynamic and friendly country with a rich culture – to its friends in five continents, and to become a destination for many foreigners and investors.

In 2016, tourists from APEC member economies accounted for 81% of total international arrivals to Vietnam.

The organization of APEC Year 2017 in Vietnam is an important opportunity for participants to have authentic, enjoyable travel experiences.

With the priorities of APEC 2017 of promoting sustainable, creative and inclusive growth, Vietnam’s tourism will have favorable conditions to access investment resources and international experience in sustainable tourism development associated with green growth, climate change adaptation, and speeding up of liberalization and commercialization through tourism to improve the quality of life of the people.

Moreover, one of the four priorities of APEC 2017 is “Raising Competitiveness and Innovation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Digital Age”.

Therefore, Vietnam’s tourism with mainly small and medium-sized enterprises will have the opportunity to access the support of large enterprises in the region, enhance their competitiveness and take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution in development.