Ploenchit Fair Celebrates its 60th Anniversary in Bangkok

Thailand, Ploenchit Fair, Bangkok

BTCFN President Carolyn Tarrant and British Ambassador Brian Davidson present the Diamond Jubilee edition of the Ploenchit Fair.

The Ploenchit Fair is the largest charity fair of its kind in Asia and a true event with already a long history of 60 years.

it was held for the first time in British Embassy on Ploenchit road back to 1957 which explains its name of Ploenchit Fair. It is arguably the largest Fair in Asia and represents a traditional day for all the family. it has also been one of the biggest events of the social calendar in Bangkok.  For 60 years, the Fair has been held annually and raises money to support Thai Charities in Thailand under the B.C.T.F.N Foundation (British Community in Thailand for the Needy).

It has adopted a different format over the years. First by moving out of the British Embassy due to safety reasons. “We left the embassy ground in 2001 and moved to various locations afterwards until we finally settled at Bangkok Patana School”, said Carolyn Tarrant, President of the B.C.T.F.N Foundation. “In 2000, we reached a peak in terms of visitors with 23,000 people. As we are now located on the fringe of the city centre near BTS Bang Na, we have seen less people coming. But we still see in one day over 5,000 visitors and that number is growing again for a few years”, she adds.

Today the Fair is a fully international event supported by the international and Thai community in Bangkok. The fair stands under the patronage of the British Ambassador Brian Davidson and gets the support of former Prime Minister of Thailand Abhisit Vejjajiva.

The Diamond Jubilee Edition this year is a one-day event full of activities and attractions for all ages. There is live stage entertainment, which will welcome an Irish Pipe band, international food and drink, and many games and thousands of prizes to be won for all the family. They are also plenty of shopping opportunities at discounted rates.

All proceeds from the Ploenchit Fair will be integrally given to selected charities. “We welcome any charities to apply for our support. We sometimes give THB5,000, THB 10,000 or THB 500,000. A small gesture to help can actually make a huge difference”, said

The B.C.T.F.N Foundation supports varied charities and encourage self-help projects, agricultural, educational and medical projects.  The support goes to charities all across the Kingdom, including Nakon Sawan, Mai Hong Son, Bangkok, Betong, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Mukkdhan, No Boh, Nong Khai and much more.

For everyone who wants to support the Foundation attending the Fair always helps, or by contacting the B.C.T.F.N. office to make a personal donation. The fair takes place on Sunday November 25.