Singapore Liberal Stance Finds its Limit with Airbnb

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The recent decision of Singapore to charge two persons for illegally renting flats on Airbnb shows the city state’s limit on liberalism when other businesses are at stake…

It was certainly a surprise for many observers of Singapore. The City State, which has been a fervent advocate of the sharing economy system in recent years, recently took the decision to charge two persons for illegal renting of their flat on Airbnb. And is now thinking to consult its population to see how to limit the expansion of very short term rental as Singapore housing market is suffering from rising prices…

According to the news agency AFP, the two men charged in Singapore with illegally renting out flats on Airbnb is a first in the country, under new rules set up to protect a tense renting market.

AFP reported that the Urban Redevelopment Authority, which regulates housing, said it would take action against anyone responsible for letting out property for short-term accommodation. According to Airbnb, Singapore has over 8,700 listings with the flat-sharing company. The company hoped to work with local authorities to find a way forward.

“The current framework also stands in contrast with Singapore’s commitment to innovation,” an Airbnb spokesman said.

Airbnb is increasingly criticized by many cities such as Berlin, Paris, Miami or New York which tight up rules recently, telling that the company exacerbates appartment’s shortage.

A coming public consultation will seek feedback on a framework for allowing short-term accommodation in private homes, the URA said in response to Reuters’ news agency questions.