Khiri Travel Launches an Exceptional Program to Meet Myanmar Personalities

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Khiri Travel continues to look at exceptional experiences for its travellers in Southeast Asia.

The Bangkok-based inbound tour operator/DMC with a presence in a dozen countries in Asia, is launching a new program for Myanmar: Tourists travelling with Khiri Travel can now meet and talk with Burmese royalty, artists, environmental activists, academics among other personalities…

Khiri Travel proposes ‘tour’ options for visitors to get up close and personal with thought leaders from across Burmese society under the theme “Personal Stories and Encounters – Meet the Leading Minds of Myanmar”.

Each expert has been an eyewitness to turbulent Burmese history over the last 60 years or so. The transformation of the country since 2011 has been rapid. Most of it good, some of it less so. Leaders in their field have many stories to tell.

Visitors can pick an expert or an area of interest that appeals to them. For example, U Soe Win, a descendent of the last King Thipaw of Myanmar, talks about the fate of Burmese royalty. Art gallery owner, Aung Soe Min, gives insights on the reawakened art scene. Academic, Aphwar Nyein, reminisces on the days when Myanmar had some of the best universities and highest literacy rates in Southeast Asia.

Daw Dewi Thant describes the environmental challenges confronting the country now that the ‘Burmese Road to Socialism’ has been abandoned in favour of Western-style economic development.

There are also revealing insights from a lethwei boxer, a puppet master, an author, a food connoisseur, a former political prisoner, a tattoo artist, and various craftsmen and women.

Edwin Briels, the Managing Director of Khiri Travel Myanmar, says the encounters are unlike anything else tour operators in the country currently provide.

“These meetings with remarkable people add a rewarding new element to tourists’ understanding of Myanmar, past and present,” says Briels. “The personal sacrifices, insights and anecdotes they share are both humbling and inspiring.”

Most of the encounters take place in Yangon, others in Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. In all, Khiri Travel Myanmar can facilitate meaningful meetings with around 20 experts throughout the country.

For a full list of possible encounters with the leading minds of Myanmar, past and present, interested tour operators can contact Khiri Travel Myanmar’s General Manager, Melissa Tan.