SPECIAL ATF: Passion Made Possible Made in Singapore

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‘Singapore, Passion Made Possible’ has been launched last year in a city not so well known for its passion feeling. Let’s look at the outcome of it!

Like all ASEAN countries -except Malaysia which saw its total arrivals declining last year- Singapore recorded an excellent performance in tourism, higher than earlier forecasts said. According to Oliver Chong, head of communication at STB, earlier forecasts mentioned a growth of 0% to 2% in total arrivals to 16.4/16.7 million while total revenues would grow in a range of 1% to 4% to S$25.1 to 25.8 million. “At the end of October, we already recorded a growth of 5.8% in total arrivals while revenues based on numbers for the first half year of 2017 show a progress of 10%. Shopping grew the most at 20%”, explained Oliver Chong.

By the end of the year, it is likely that Singapore will have received for the first time over 17 million international travellers. China, India and Vietnam are leading the growth with double-digit figures, India progressing the most with a growth of 17.4% in arrivals for the first ten months of 2017. Millionaire markets for Singapore are China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Australia.

To capitalize on growth and present Singapore in a new light, STB relaunched the brand last year. “We are coming now with a brand shared with other state institutions. The concept is ‘Singapore, Passion Made Possible’ and although it has raised debates about it, we believe it shows how Singapore has turned into what it is today. Our tenacity, our determination made Singapore over the last 50 years”, told Chong.

This is actually what Singapore is: tenacity, determination, hard work, dedication. Passion certainly does exist for some but it does not really belong to the character of people. Generally in Asia, passion is feared by many as it shows extreme feeling- a behaviour which makes local people uncomfortable…

Talking in private during an event to STB Chief Executive Lionel Yeo about the different interpretation of the word “Passion”, I mentioned about the fact that the word ‘Passion’ induces also romance and love in Europe, Yeo replied that the concept covers all of these aspects and that I probably did not study well the campaign.

Maybe true but after visiting Singapore over 20 times, I rarely saw passion myself with people -except probably for food. I will have to look again and probably  many Singaporeans will have to go over their natural shyness to show what turns them passionate.

Well, “Passion Made Possible” will be officially launched in Berlin during ITB. Let’s see then how Singapore will introduce the new concept to Europe. Actually, the destination is successful on its own, brand or not, Passion or not. This is what Singapore offers and also its people who shape its tourism success!