Report: ASEAN LTE Performance in 4G Internet Coverage

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(Photo: Pexels- Tim Gouw)

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, and isn’t as much a technology as it is the path followed to achieve 4G speeds. OpenSignal is a company specialized in measuring mobile network performance.

Rather than measure geographic coverage, OpenSignal’s availability metric tracks the proportion of time users have access to a particular network.

In its latest State of LTE report, OpenSignal collected 58,752,909,949 datapoints  from 4,852,320 users (smartphones and tablets) during the period stretching from October 1st to December 29th 2017 across six continents.

This provides the base of analysed average LTE speed and LTE availability in 88 countries (up from 77 in OpenSpace previous report). While more than 88 countries have LTE services today, OpenSpace only included the countries for which they collected enough data to provide meaningful analysis. Unfortunately, China is excluded while in ASEAN, only Lao PDR could not submit enough data.

Five countries in the world provide to their consumers access to an LTE connection 90% of the time. Another 25 countries provide LTE 4G connection over 80% of the time. In Asia, South Korea and Japan offer a connectivity to their consumers of respectively 97.49% and 94.70%. Within ASEAN, Thailand has the best coverage at 85.58% followed by Singapore at 84.43%. Worst performer remain Myanmar at 62.52, followed surprisingly by the Philippines at 63.73%. Cambodia managed already to reach a coverage of 70.51% in OpenSignal latest report.

The company sees however that throughout the world, it is much easier to find an LTE signal now than it ever has before.

Regarding 4G LTE speed, ranking turns extremely different. While OpenSignal questions when LTE speed will finally reach the 50 Mbps-mark, the top performer being actually Singapore with 44.31 Mbps followed by South Korea with 40.44 Mbps. OpenSignal recorded that 18 countries have now surpassed the 30-Mbps mark but none of them are located in ASEAN (beside Singapore). The best LTE Speed provider after Singapore is surprisingly Vietnam with 21.49 Mbps far ahead of Malaysia or Thailand. Indonesia is the worst performer with a speed of less than 9 Mbps.

According to the report, the overall global LTE speed average now stands at 16.9 Mbps, up from 16.6 Mbps in a previous report published in June 2017. However all ASEAN countries are below this average but Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei. There is still scope for improvement in the region’s LTE connectivity!

COUNTRY 4G Availability LTE 4G Average Speed
Thailand 85.58% 9.60 Mbps
Singapore 84.44% 44.31 Mbps
Malaysia 74.88% 14.83 Mbps
Brunei 73.66% 17.48 Mbps
Indonesia 72.39% 8.92 Mbps
Vietnam 71.26% 21.49 Mbps
Cambodia 70.51% 13.90 Mbps
Philippines 63.73% 9.49 Mbps
Myanmar 62.52% 15.56 Mbps
South Korea 97.49% 40.44 Mbps
Japan 94.70% 25.39 Mbps
Taiwan 87.08% 26.66 Mbps