Singapore Has the World’s Most Powerful Passport

Singapore, passport

Singaporean citizens can appreciate to own the world’s most powerful passport as it gives visa-free access to 180 countries.

Every year, the Henley Passport Index analyses the power of a passport for each country on the planet. In its latest index, Singapore passport has knocked Germany off the top spot to be the world’s most powerful, alongside Japan’s.

Citizens of Singapore and Japan have visa-free access to a record 180 destinations, according to the Henley Passport Index released yesterday.

Germany’s passport provides visa-free access to 179 destinations. In joint third place are France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and South Korea, which moved up eight places compared with last year. They give visa-free access to 178 destinations.

Singapore and Japan’s rise up the ranking comes after Uzbekistan lifted visa requirements for citizens of both countries earlier this month.

“In general, the Asian and Middle East regions have in recent months seen high levels of visa-policy activity compared with their European and American counterparts, where the signing of new cross-border agreements on short-term travel has been far less frequent,” said Henley & Partners in a statement.

The British passport dropped from third to fourth place in the ranking and the United States remains in fifth place, with visa-free access to 176 destinations.

Russia moved up three spots to 45th place and China is up 11 spots to rank 74th. On the bottom four ranks of the index are Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, each with visa-free access to 30 or fewer destinations.

The Singapore passport was also ranked the most powerful in the world by Arton Capital in a separate ranking published in October last year, with a visa-free score of 159.

Within Southeast Asia, Malaysia is the second most powerful country for its passport, ranking 11 according to Henley & Partners Passport index and is followed by Brunei ranking 21st. Thailand ranked 65th, still lagging  behind Timor-Leste which ranks 57th!

Indonesia ranks 69th and the Philippines 75th, while Cambodia and Vietnam rank both at 88th. ASEAN countries with the least passport power are Laos ranking 90th and Myanmar ranking 94th. However, the ranking of most ASEAN countries –except Singapore of course- should move up over the coming years thanks to their emerging middle class who are increasingly inclined for travel.