Myanmar Introduces Fast-Track Visa Approval

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Myanmar is further improving visa procedures. Since mid-April, the government introduced a fast-track visa procedure valid only for e-visa.

Myanmar has been among the first countries in Southeast Asia to approve e-visa for tourists due to the lack of human resources at embassies and also at immigration offices at international border checkpoints.

The e-visa for Myanmar -which has been in force for three years- is delivered in three working days and cost US$50. It is available for asome hundred countries eligible for an electronic visa.

However, service could be considerably slower due to week-ends and holidays. Two weeks ago, Myanmar consequently introduced a fast-track tourist visa that has drastically cut down the time it takes for application approval.

The fast-track scheme now delivers confirmation of a visa within 24 hours of applying. Unlike the normal e-visa, the fast-track service guarantees the 24-hour time of issue, including during week-ends and public holidays. A turnaround 365-day service!

The online application can be found at the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population’s website. The price is however slightly higher: it will cost US$56 instead of US$50. But this is worth the additional investment! Once paid, there is no accepted refund.

The 24-hour processing time starts when online payment is successful, and acknowledgement e-mail is sent. The express service is available only for Tourist Visa, and not for Business Visa.

Travellers can pay with various credit cards and must load a colour photography on the application website.

The visa can be used at any international checkpoint including the three international airports of Yangon, Mandalay and Nai Pyi Taw, Myanmar adminstrative capital. However, when applying, travellers must specify one of the designated international airports or land border checkpoints but it is possible to select another “Port of Entry” once arrived in the country.

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