Booking Engine Baolau Adds Malaysia Rail Services

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Baolau, a booking engine for all kind of transportation in Southeast Asia (ferries, busses, trains and flights), announced that it recently increased its coverage of its railway network in Southeast Asia. The company offers now the possibility to buy online train ticket for Malaysia.

Since April 20, travellers can use Baolau to find timetables and fares for KTM ETS and KTM Intercity services operated by the national railway operator of Malaysia, KTM Berhad.

Map of Railways in Malaysia

Baolau supports advance ticket booking for more than 60 train stations distributed along Peninsular Malaysia., including Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Gemas, Tampin, Ipoh, Butterworth, Alor Setar and Padang Besar in the West Coast, and Kuala Lipis, Gua Musang, Pasir Mas and Tumpat in the East Coast.

The various services to be booked with the company are KTM ETS (shortform for ‘Electric Train Service’), the only high-speed rail service in Southeast Asia (for the time being) that operates along the electrified double-tracked stretch of the West Coast Line between Gemas and Padang Besar, the terminus station located on the border between Perlis in Malaysia and Songkhla province in Thailand.

The Malaysian rail network is connected with the Thai railway network through Padang Besar, a border town located in the northern part of the state of Perlis in Malaysia.

KTM ETS trains travel up to 140 km/h on a metre gauge rail line. ETS trains are classified as Platinum, Gold and Silver services, each train having only one class of seating. ETS Platinum provides the fastest service with minimal stops only at key stations. ETS Gold provides a limited-stop service at major stations. ETS Silver offers an almost all-stop service with the lowest fares. It takes approximately up to five hours to go from Padang Besar to Kuala Lumpur.

Baolau proposes also the booking of KTM Intercity, a diesel-hauled rail service than runs on a single-track along the West Coast Line between Johor Bahru and Tampin in Pulau Sebang, and along the East Coast Line between Gemas and Tumpat in Kelantan state, bordering with Narathiwat province in Thailand. The East Coast Line is popularly known as the “Jungle Train”, as it crosses through the forests of central Malaysia.

Malaysia Jungle Train

There are 2 types of KTM Intercity train services: Ekspres and Shuttle. Ekspres trains only stop in major cities and towns, whereas Shuttle trains stop at all stations and halts.


KTM runs a Shuttle service between Johor Bahru and Singapore  called Shuttle Tebrau. They are 31 trips per day connecting in just five minutes JB Sentral Railway Station in Johor Bahru to Woodlands CIQ facility in Singapore.

Northbound passengers clear Singapore Immigration and Malaysian Immigration at Woodlands Train Checkpoint before boarding the train bound to Malaysia. Southbound passengers clear Malaysian Immigration at JB Sentral Railway Station and later Singapore Immigration after disembarking at Woodlands Train Checkpoint. The Malaysian government is currently negotiating the addition of five more daily services between both train stations.