New Virtual Tour for Hue Imperial City

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Since the end of April, travellers to Hue in Central Vietnam, can be part of a virtual tour taking them back to the imperial days of the ancient capital.

The Hue Monument Conservation Centre launched Hue newest attraction: a virtual reality tour for visitors to the old  Imperial City which started to operate on April 27.
The tour is developed under a cooperation programme between the Conservation institution and its partner, IV COM Co., Ltd, a South Korean technology company.

Accordingly, Hue imperial city is the first heritage site in Viet Nam and one of three sites in the world to deploy the advanced technology to serve visitors, together with two other sites in China and South Korea.

By taking the virtual tour, visitors are invited to take a tour inside a multidimensional space where the past and present meet, travelling back to 200 years ago to explore the elaborate design and grandiose exteriors of Khai Dinh tomb, the resting place of Khai Dinh Emperor (1885-1925), recreated in glorious colours.

The launch of the tour aims to add a highlight for visitors during their exploration of the Complex of Hue Monuments, which was honoured by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Hue remains one of the most visited destination in Vietnam. In 2017, the city welcomed 1.6 million international travellers and this number could swell to two million in 2018.

According to first data collected for the first quarter of 2018, total visitors’ arrivals to Hue reached from January to March over 1.1 million, up 39.5 percent from the same period last year, including 534,600 foreigners, a surge of 70.3 percent. Over the Tet holiday alone, the Hue Monument Conservation Centre welcomed 117,000 tourists, including 47,000 foreigners.

The provincial capital expects to accommodate some 4.2 million travellers (domestic and international) by the end of the year, up by over 12% over 2017 while revenues are due to grow in a range of 15% to 16% compared to last year.