Akaryn Hotels Launch Bangkok First Free-Plastic Property

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Akaryn Hotel Group inaugurated its newest Akyra property on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. Supported by Pure Blue Foundation, the property is to ban as much as possible single-use plastic. A first in Bangkok according to Akaryn Hotel Group owner, Anchalika Kijkanakorn.

“It is a terrifying fact and we could not be like this. We know that plastic is part of our life but we need to get control and contribute to save oceans. Do you know that they are 1,500 plastic bottles being thrown every second in the world and that there is in the Pacific a continent made of plastic twice the size of Eastern Australian already,” explains Anchalika Kijkanakorn.

Changing habits are hard to die as plastic is everywhere in our life but small gesture can slowdown the destruction of oceans through plastic rejection. “Switching off light and air con when we go out, getting rid of plastic straw or going to a coffee shop with our own cup. We can learn and get rid of bad habits in three weeks on average. Why not to implement it at a hotel level “, she adds.

Here is then Akyra Hotel on Sukhumvit 20, a new property with a sleek contemporary decoration. A hotel like all the properties around Bangkok? Definitely no, because Akaryn Hotel Group is banning plastic.

“This is a difficult task as we do not master completely all the sources of supply. But let say that 98% of what we need at the hotel is in our capacity of control. Which means that we managed to ban most of the single-use plastic such as water bottles replaced by refilling metal ones, plastic straws, plastic covers. Our toiletries are for example made of cornstarch or recycled paper while we will provide also non-plastic bags for shopping. We will encourage guests to refuse plastic bags when indulging in some Bangkok retail  experience”, adds Mrs. Kijkanakorn.

It will however take time for the Akyra Hotel to reach the 100% plastic-free target. “We need to talk to suppliers to ask for new ways to get food or products delivered without single-use plastic. We are a small player and this is more difficult to obtain what we want. But we could link up with other chains and we will also implement this program to our other hotels”, tells Anchalika Kijkanakorn.

The new Akyra Sukhumvit was indeed the ideal property to start as it was easier to begin from scratch. However, according to Akaryn Hotel Group founder and owner, all the hotels of the groups should be single-use plastic free by 2020. “I guess our Chiang Mai property will be next on the list”, explains Mrs. Kijkanakorn.

” We hope that truly environment-conscious guests from all around the world will spread the word about our property”, hopes Anchalika Kijkanakorn.

The Akyra Hotel on Sukhumvit 20 has a capacity of 50 rooms with various categories such as Junior Suites, Family, Premier or Superior Rooms. A restaurant/Cafe is also available as well as a roof bar. The hotel proposes extensive guests tours and activities to get the best of Bangkok.