Mekong Tourism Forum to Organise the Mekong Food Festival

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MTF will organise a Mekong Food Festival highlighting culinary specialties of Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Mekong Tourism Forum 2018 Food Festival will bring together Thai, Lao, and Vietnamese food, and enough material for engaging conversations, with delegates wearing their villages shirts. Local restaurants will cook their specialties to show the power of food as a fabric of experiential and creative tourism.

Gastronomy is a an important element of tourism for the Mekong countries with Thailand leading the trend. But countries such as Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam are increasingly embracing the idea of strengthening culinary activities and gastronomy as part of an authentic experience for travellers.

The coming Mekong Tourism Forum in Nakhon Phanom will not only focus on gastronomy. From 26 to 29, the event is focusing on the theme of ‘Transforming Travel – Transforming Lives.’ From innovative travel startups (Mekong Innovative Startup Tourism MIST) to inspiring mini movies at the Mekong Mini Movie Festival to thought-provoking keynotes to discussions about Buddhist Tourism – MTF 2018 has something for anybody.  For the first time ever, the Forum will have eight thematic strategy workshops in eight ethnic villages. A unique experience not to be missed.

Registration for the coming MTF in Nakhon Pahnom is still open under It is free for anyone interested to learn more about the tremendous opportunities of this region.