Royal Brunei Goes Non-Stop to London

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Major changes are in the air for Brunei national carrier Royal Brunei Airlines which finally will flies non-stop to London from Bandar Seri Begawan, offering the only route to Europe from Borneo Island.

Royal Brunei Airlines is reshaping its long-haul network for the coming winter season and wants to capitalize on transfer traffic through frequencies’ adjustment.

The most important change for Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) is the launching of daily non-stop flights between Brunei and London-Heathrow effective 28 October 2018. The non-stop flights will means faster journeys with the round trip travel time reduced by 3.5 hours to/from Brunei and 5.3 hours to/from Melbourne.

The Bandar Sri Begawan-London route has been served since 1990 but always with a stop-over in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. RBA used also to serve Frankfurt with two stop-overs in Bangkok and Abu Dhabi.

“The introduction of Royal brunei’s non-stop flight to London-Heathrow will be a significant milestone as for the first time Brunei and England will be seamlessly connected by a direct air link. With the strong cultural, economic and political ties between the two countries, it is only natural to provide the seamless non-stop connection. Our current London flight via Dubai served us well, but with growing demand for non-stop services from our guests, it became an important commercial imperative to provide that. The approximately 14-hour flight on our brand-new Boeing 787 Dreamliner will have the very best in-flight service, with 1,000 video entertainment options as well as  guest friendly features such as lower cabin altitude and a quieter cabin to help reduce jet lag. More product and service innovations will be announced later in the year,” told Karam Chand, RBA Chief Executive Officer.

“The non-stop flights will also foster increasing tourism opportunities from the UK and Europe. 2017 was a record year in visitor arrivals. With our initiatives to launch a non-stop service to London, additional flights to Seoul as well as new China charter flights will play a pivotal role in getting half a million visitors to our Shores by 2021,” added RBA CEO.

In parallel to the daily non-stop service to London, Royal Brunei will also provide four times weekly non-stop services between Bandar Sri Begawan and Brunei, starting from October 29, 2018.

With these changes, RB has also updated its schedule for its Melbourne flights to cater for better connections within its long haul route network. Melbourne flight schedule will be changed from a mid-day departure to an evening one to offer quick connections with the London frequency. From London to Melbourne, transit time is approximately of four hours at Bandar Seri Begawan airport while from Melbourne to London, transit time is only of two hours and a half.