TTM + Targets Romance Travel

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The Thailand Travel Mart 2018 edition in Pattaya looks at strengthening ‘romance travel’, which basically comprise wedding and honeymoon travels. A market that Thailand wants to further capture…

The Tourism Authority of Thailand continues to push its new marketing concept ‘Open to the New Shades’ which wants to show the incredible diversity offered by a holiday in the Kingdom. “We have been very successful to launch this new campaign in all markets across the world. Our new image of a million shades is a recognition of the individuality of our travellers. And also at the same time, it is our way to focus on quality rather than mass tourism,” told Tanes Petsuwan, Deputy Governor international marketing for long-haul markets including Europe, the Middle-East and the Americas.

The theme ” a million shade of romance” is highlighted during the two-day TTM+ in Pattaya at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club, a luxury resort located on the outskirt of the resort city. “Some would wonder why did we chose Pattaya over other destinations? Well, first of all, we wanted to introduce a new way to organise TTM+ in a more relaxed casual atmosphere. And we also wanted to show that Pattaya has undergone a huge transformation. The ones who have not been to Pattaya for a long time would be surprised to see the number of new elegant resort hotels, excellent food venues, sprawling contemporary shopping malls and clean environment conditions,” added Mr. Petsuwan.

“Pattaya moves so fast these days and it will move even faster as it has been recognised by the government as the hub of the new Eastern Economic Corridor. The airport has been upgraded, new highways constructed while new cruise facilities at Satahip Commercial Port will satisfy the new needs of cruise travellers,” stated further Tanes Petsuwan.

The theme around wedding and honeymoon travellers has been chosen as it reflects Thailand wishes to position itself into a quality destination. “Wedding and honeymoon is an important segment for us. In 2016, TAT estimated that honeymooners and wedding guests represented 1.1 million visitors generating US$1.77 billion. Honeymoon travel was the biggest segment with almost 980,000 visitors, 82% of them being from Asia. For wedding, Asia represents 55% of all visitors with Europe following with a market share of 21%. We target a growth of 5% this year,” described the Deputy Governor.

Thailand has been named many times best destinations for wedding and honeymoon tourism. Destinations which are ideal for this market segment are according to TAT research Bangkok of course but also Chiang Mai, Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket and Samui. “They are five reasons for couples and honeymooners to come to Thailand: destinations extraordinaires; diverse choices, dream hideaways, delectable tastes and distinct hospitality”, told Tanes Petsuwan.

Not to forget also the incredible tolerance and openess of Thailand which makes it a perfect destination for any couple whatever their races, religions, sexual orientation or their age. To higlight Thai tolerance to others is already a huge asset for the Kingdom!