Phnom Penh, ASEAN new Shopping Destination?

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Is Cambodia capital Phnom Penh a shopping destination? Not yet probably although the city has now a dozen malls with the latest one, AEON Mall in Sen Sok City, being the largest in town.

With AEON newest mall in Sen Sok City, Cambodians probably take the new shopping facility as a sign that Phnom Penh is coming of age. Non-existant just a decade ago, malls are now part of Phnom Penh people’s life as living standard is increasing.

With growing wealth, most locals are dreaming to shop in air conditioned comfortable structures offering a level of comfort similar to what is available in neighbouring Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City.

After opening in 2014 the first modern shopping mall in the capital, the AEON Central Mall, the Japanese retail giant AEON inaugurated last Wednesday its second mall. It is considered the country’s largest shopping mall.

Speaking at the grand opening, Seiichi Chiba, senior managing director of Aeon Mall Co, said the company was pleased to see how well the first Aeon Mall, built in 2014 in central Phnom Penh, was received by Cambodian shoppers.

Within three years of its opening, he said, it attracted more than 18 million people, which encouraged Aeon to open a second branch in the northern part of the capital.

The first one cost about US$205 million to build. The second one was built on cheaper land, but it cost a similar amount since it is bigger in size than the first.

Chiba did not reveal whether Aeon plans to open a third one anytime soon, though inside sources suggested that it has scouted out a potential site in the southern part of the capital.

Seng Sokha, 41, a real estate agent who came to the new Aeon Mall on Wednesday, said she was impressed with its huge size and cleanliness. “It is the best shopping mall in Cambodia,” she said.

(Source: Kyodo News)