Luang Prabang To Host ‘Simply Beautiful’ Festival in July

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Provincial authorities will stage a variety of interesting activities for Ngam Thae Oh Luang Prabang (Oh Luang Prabang, You’re Simply Beautiful) from July 4-7 in the World Heritage city. The event aims to promote tourism and welcome both domestic and international visitors to the former royal capital.

Participants will enjoy colourful activities including sampling local tastes at a food festival such as lam (meat mix with eggplant, vegetables and dried cattle skin), jaew bong (a sauce made with hot chillies and buffalo skin) as well as khaipan (dried riverweed lightly fried with sesame seeds and garlic).

Thet will be less known tribal dance performances, living culture demonstrations with traditional dress and embroidery, products made from banana leaf, presentations on bamboo products and dresses from 13 ethnic groups, as well as traditional handicraft products on sale during the celebration.

Tourists will also enjoy Khub Thoum Luang Prabang (traditional songs), along with time-honoured storytelling and local musical instrument performances, according to Luang Prabang provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department.

The event will also have demonstrations featuring carving and clay pot making.

Besides the festivities, Luang Prabang province has beautiful natural sites including caves, Tad Sae and Kuangxi waterfalls, Phousy Hill as well as historical and cultural sites such as the national museum (royal palace museum) and old temples.

Unique souvenirs of the province can also be purchased such as a handmade a namkieng basket which is used for storing food to offer to monks or for home décor.

Luang Prabang was officially announced as a city in April this year and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. More than 655,000 tourists visited the province last year, according to a report from the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism. Tourism has developed steadily over the past 15 years with a brand new airport terminal, new flights and many new hotels, ranging from three-star boutique style properties to luxury hotels owned by international chains.The city has now 53 hotels, 260 resorts and guesthouse, 290 restaurants and 19 entertainment venues.

(Source: Vientiane Times)