Silk Air to Transfer Boeing 737 to Scoot

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Aviation publication Flightglobal announced that Singapore Airlines subsidiary Silk Air will transfer its Boeing 737 to Scoot, confirming the end of the regional arm of SIA.

In response to queries from FlightGlobal air transport publication,, Singapore Airlines gave some additional information about the future of Silk Air; confirming the definitive transfer of all airline’s activities to mainline carrier Singapore. This will start with the transfer of all Boeing 737 to Scoot. Singapore Airlines also annouces that both pilots and cabin crew will be recruited by Scoot to support future 737 operations.

Silk Air has a current fleet of 34 aircraft, of which 22 are Boeing 737-800 or Max 8s. A total of 32 Boeing 737 Max8s which have started to be delivered. The first routes should be launched this coming winter season in October with a route to Hiroshima. The brand new aircraft will also be integrated for flights to Cairns, Darwin, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kathmandu.

After transferring aircraft to its low cost subsidiary, all the routes will  be either be transferred to Singapore Airlines or Silk Air. The  move will be consistent with ongoing efforts “to optimise the SIA Group‘s network”. Both the Max 8s and -800s have 12 business class seats. The Max 8s have 144 economy seats and the -800s 150 seats.

The full merger between Singapore Airlines and Silk Air is due to take place after 2020. For the customer, the main point will be the refurbishment of SilkAir‘s cabin for more than S$100 million ($74 million). This will include the upgrading of the product to similar standards to the ones being implemented on Singapore Airlines. Future regional SIA aircraft will  then be equipped with new lie-flat seats in business class and seat-back-in-flight entertainment systems in both business and economy classes.

SilkAir alsready transferred five routes in Southeast Asia to Scoot from Singapore: Kuching, Palembang, Kalibo, Langkawi, and Pekanbaru.