The Purest Air is in Brunei according to a Study

No surprise: Brunei has the purest air of Asia. Of course, this is due to the presence of Borneo best preserved rainforests. But not only…

Rainforests are the lung of the world as they help producing oxygen and clean the atmosphere. Brunei is indeed the country which has the strictest laws to protect its rainforests. But if you go around the streets of Bandar Seri Begawan, you will feel that a smell is also missing: the cigarette!

Bruneians smoke the least of all the countries in the world with 9.676 cigarettes consumed per person per year, according to the latest version of Tobacco Atlas list compiled in collaboration with American Cancer Society.

They were some 5.7 trillion cigarettes consumed around the world according to  the Tobacco List which released numbers for 2016. Brunei is doing best with only 9.7 cigarettes per year followed in Southeast Asia by… Myanmar with 227 cigarettes per person and per year.

While the average number of cigarette smoked per person in the world stands at 1,083 units, the worst country in ASEAN for cigarettes consumption is -and this is unfortunately not a real surprise- Indonesia with 1,675 cigarettes more than South Korea with 1,667 or Japan with 1,583 cigarettes. Another surprise. In healthy clean Singapore, locals smoked on average 851 cigarettes in 2016, more than in Thailand or neighbouring Malaysia…

China is however the Asian country where people smoke the most with an average of 2,043 cigarettes per capita and per year. Chinese consume more than 40 percent of all cigarettes globally.

However, Haji Mohammad Isham, the sultanate’s Minister of Health said in his message for World No Tobacco Day 2018 on May 31 that smoking is a major risk factor for non-communicable diseases in the country. The minister also said that a local survey in 2016 showed 20 percent or 50,000 to 60,000 people in the country aged between 18 to 69 are smokers.

“Smoking in Brunei is prohibited in all enclosed public and work places, including shopping and eating areas, bus stations and government buildings,” a Ministry of Health official told Xinhua. “Transboundary passengers will be charged with heavy duty on cigarettes,” added the Minister.

Smoke-free Brunei is certainly an excellent tool to promote tourism to the destination!

(Partial source: Xinhua)