Vietnam Predicts 170,000 Tourists from India

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Vietnam Ambassador to India Ton Sinh Thanh predicted at Kolkata Travel and Tourism Fair that the number of Indian travellers to Vietnam is due to rise to 170,000 this year.

The Times of India indicated that Vietnam Ambassador to India Ton Sinh Thanh was amazed by the very fast growth of Indian tourists to the country. Less than a decade ago, Vietnam was recording only 10,000 tourists in a year. In 2017, total Indian arrivals reached 110,000 with expectation that this number will jump this year to 170,000

The ambassador explained Vietnam success to the fact that “Vietnam has a safe environment and is a stable and peaceful country. People are very friendly and we have lots of cultural and historic heritage.”

Listing the tourist attractions, Thanh said “Vietnam has several UNESCO-recognised world heritage sites, lot of relics including Hindu relics and long seaside beaches. And we have a tourist season spanning all round the year,” he said.

In recent years, there has been a rapid surge in tourism from Asia with the bulk of the travellers coming now from China, Japan and South Korea. India is likely to join into the top inbound markets to Vietnam with travellers’ growth rates jumping by at least 50% per annum.

The ambassador called also for more promotion of India as a holiday destination for Vietnamese. He particularly emphasized the importance of Buddhist tourism for Vietnamese with pilgrimage taking place to historical Buddha sites such as Bodhgaya, Sarnath and many others.

“There is a lot of potential for Vietnamese tourists to India … There should be more promotion of India as a destination for the Vietnamese,” he stressed.

(Source: Times of India)