Spice Roads, A Bike Specialist Now in Phuket

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(Photo: Spice Roads)

Bicycle tour specialist Spice Roads recently opened an office in Phuket and is developing more tours to Indonesia for this summer season.

Spice roads remain a leader in Southeast Asia in the organisation of bicycle tours. The T.O. started its activity back to 1995 and is now present in over 30 countries.

The company is present in many countries acrosss the Asian continent. In Southeast Asia, Spice Roads offers circuits in nine countries. It has a large choice of circuits in Mekong countries with Thailand being Spice Roads headquarters.

Sally Phipps, Marketing Manager and Daniel Moylan, Managing Director Spice Roads.

” We have actually a big operation in Thailand with three offices. Our headquarter in Bangkok, an office in Chiang Mai and since this year, an office in Phuket. To be based in Phuket gives us an opportunity to have multiple activities on the island and surroundings. We now have 12 persons working there,” told during TTM+ Daniel Moylan, Managing Director of Spice Roads.

A dozen of circuits integrates Phuket and its surroundings. “We have some thematic tours such as a ‘Bike and Cook’ as well as a ‘Bike and Kayak’ circuits. We offer tours of various length in time, such as a classical half tour and day tour of Phuket or a green tour of the island, going through lush greenery along cross-country style  trails,” added Daniel Moylan.

One of the most exciting circuits for true bike lovers – with a bit of experience- is a tour linking Bangkok to Phuket.

Phuket’s greater variety in bicycle trails is not the only new product bought this year by Spice Roads. “We continue to develop new circuits in Indonesia with Lombok. We now offer half a dozen circuits in Indonesia including special circuits in Bali and Sulawesi. We now prepare another circuit to a new exclusive destination in Indonesia: Flores. The destination is due to come during this summer, ” told Sally Phipps, Marketing Manager.

“In the future, we could also explore opportunities to develop our range of products to new Indonesian destinations such as Lake Toba in North Sumatra or also in Timor Leste, ” she added.

For a long time, Spice Roads has been a pioneer in Multi-country bike circuits in the region. The tour operator combines cycling tours linking Thailand to Laos or to Cambodia, linking Laos to Vietnam. Very popular cycling tours in the Mekong Region links Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City through Cambodia but also Bangkok to Siem Reap/Angkor. To the south, Spice Roads offers also a tour linking Krabi to Singapore while from Vietnam, Spice Roads proposes a bicycle tour linking Angkor Wat to Ho Chi Minh City as well as Hoi An.

Finally, there is a big novelty for less athletic bike riders. Spice Roads just introduced e-bikes, a perfect alternative to give casual riders a full riding experience including during hilly tours. The e-bike has now been introduced in two markets, Sri Lanka and Vietnam and will soon be followed by other countries. E-bikes are available for nine circuits in Vietnam.