Cam Ranh/ Nha Trang New International Terminal Welcomes More Flights

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The opening of Cam Ranh/Nha Trang Terminal 2 in June reflects the strong growth of Vietnam fourth busiest airport and the increasing popularity for airlines to serve the destination.

Nha Trang is turning into an increasingly popular destination in Central Vietnam. The seaside resort city, with over 300,000 inhabitants is increasingly popular as a holiday destination, particularly for Chinese, Korean and Russian holiday makers. Cam Ranh/Nha Trang International Airport is indeed reflecting the popularity of the destination, which accommodated last year over five million travellers. Opened in 2004, the airport passed for the first time the million passengers in 2011; last year, it welcomed over five million travellers, making the terminal increasingly crowded.

Since July 1st, a new terminal has been opened to international travellers to a cost of over US$162 million. The first phase of the building is able to accommodate up to 4.5 million passengers, while the old terminal 1 -now dedicated to domestic traffic- can accommodate over 2 million passengers. In its ultimate phase, terminal 2 will be then able to welcome 8 million travellers a year.

The terminal has been built in a record time. It took only 19 months to complete the structure which has been constructed with four-star international standards, the only airport with such a distinction for the time being in the country. The terminal offers a beautiful layout, its design by a Singaporean architectural cabinet evoking a swallow’s nest, a specialty and symbol of Khanh Hoa. Spacious volumes make the air terminal one of the most attractive in Vietnam.
The three-storey terminal sits on a site of over 50,000sq.m with over 80 check-in counters, ten aircraft gates including four being equipped with air bridges and six baggage carousels.
The opening of the new International Terminal took place as more airlines are offering international flights to and from Nha Trang. Vietjet is launching a new route to Siem Reap from September while Vietnam Airlines launched at the start of the summer season four weekly services to Seoul.
Both airlines are also planning to expand their respective domestic network out of Nha Trang with new services Phu Quoc (Vietnam Airlines) and to Danang (Vietjet). Hainan Airlines recently added a new Guangzhou/Nha Trang service.
Vietnam Airlines is also offering more seasonal flights to China, proposing during the peak holiday season up to 20 destinations to the mainland. In 2017, Vietnam Airlines transported 750,000 travellers to and from Cam Ranh/Nha Trang and is expecting a million passengers this year.