Sanam Chan Palace Reopened to the Public

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(¨Photo: Wiki Commons)

After being closed for a few months, the fairy-tale like Sanam Chan Palace in Nakhon Pathom Province in Central Thailand reopened to the public on July 1st.

To celebrate the 111th anniversary of its construction, the palace of Sanam Chan is again reopened to the public after it has been closed since October 2017 for renovation.

The Palace, located in the town of Nakhon Pathom, was constructed at the command of King Vajiravudh, (Rama VI) in 1907 when he was the Crown Prince. During his reign, Sanam Chan was used as a temporary residence on his travels to pay homage to Phra Pathom Chedi, the Great Pagoda, or for a leisurely stay.
It covers a large area with gardens and consists of five mansions mostly built in European style. The most famous is certainly Chalee Mongkol Asana Residence, build in an interesting Normandy style with its half-timbered facade. It is linked by a covered bridge to a Thai-style teak house palace, the Thap Khwan Residence. This also echoed European palaces and medieval bridges over lakes and rivers.
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Sanam Chan"Valuable art objects are also displayed in this old palace, which reflects the finesse of traditional Thai architecture.
Three more mansions can be visited including the Bhimarn Prathom Residence, the most ancien structure built also in western style , which served as the King’s private quarters.
As part of the 111th anniversary celebration, Sanam Chan Palace organised several cultural activities on July 1st for visitors to appreciate Thai art and culture, as well as lifestyle. A retro-style market served also traditional food for visitors.
Nakhon Pathom boasts many historical and cultural sites. Since it lies on the outskirts of Bangkok, the province is often visited by both local and international tourists who seek a day trip or a break from the hubbub of the mega-city of Bangkok. It has set a target to increase both tourist arrivals and tourism income.
The province is famous for Phra Pathom Chedi, the Great Pagoda, which is one of the tallest Buddhist monuments in the world. Standing 127 meters high and shimmering like gold in the sunshine, the huge pagoda attracts visitors from far and near.