80 Home-grown Talents in ‘New Passion Made Possible’ Campaign for Singapore

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The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) launched a new Passion Made Possible global campaign earlier this week. In the latest wave of marketing activities that will cover 16 overseas markets in the next few months, STB continues to bring the Passion Made Possible brand to life by celebrating Singapore’s people, talent and stories through marketing campaigns, consumer events and industry partnerships.

First launched in August last year, the Passion Made Possible brand encapsulates Singapore’s never-settling spirit of enterprise in making passions possible through grit and determination. Since launch, STB’s marketing efforts for the brand have accumulated a global audience reach of over 555 million and close to 300 million video views.

 Ms Lim Shoo Ling, Brand Director, STB, said, “Over the past year, it has been gratifying to find the Passion Made Possible brand resonating well with domestic, international and trade audiences. Our storytelling approach to destination branding has been lauded for being refreshing and inspiring, and many have shared feedback that they enjoy the personal stories of Singaporeans and discovering a deeper side to Singapore as a destination.”

As part of the Passion Made Possible brand launch last year, STB introduced the concept of Passion Tribes with the unveiling of four specific tribes, namely Foodie, Collector, Explorer and Progressor. In the new campaign, three more Passion Tribes – Culture Shaper, Socialiser and Action Seeker – will be activated, which will allow more consumers to cultivate their passions and interests in Singapore. With that, STB’s seven tribes would have all been rolled out.

STB’s campaign and marketing activities this year will feature around 80 talents, including singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono, contemporary artist Jahan Loh, Native’s mixologist Vijay Mudaliar, DJ KoFlow, indoor skydiver Kyra Poh, founder of Geylang Adventures Cai Yinzhou, founders of local bookbinding company Bynd Artisan Winnie Chan and James Quan, as well as culinary teacher Ruqxana Vasanwala. The activities that involve these talents range from appearances in short films for marketing campaigns to participation in promotional events overseas.

Apart from showcasing home-grown talents in films, STB is paying tribute to the local creative talents behind the scenes. For this, STB has partnered Viddsee, an online video platform for short premium content contributed by creatives, to co-create two films for the Culture Shaper and Socialiser tribes. One main difference is that for the first time, these directors, among them Wee Li Lin and Jacky Lee, helmed the conceptualisation and creation of the films. Earlier films created as part of the brand launch were led by STB and creative agency TBWA.

“We’re proud to work with STB in producing their next wave of films,” said Mr Derek Tan, Viddsee co-founder. “Giving home-grown talents an opportunity to showcase Singapore’s cultural diversity and vibrant social scene through their unique vision, style and voice to the world embodies both Viddsee’s mission to empower storytellers, while fulfilling Singapore’s promise as a country where passion is made possible.” STB is also working with Khairuddin Hori, curatorial director and partner of Chan+Hori Contemporary, to organise an art and augmented reality technology showcase. Featuring the works of seven artists, the showcase will be brought to selected overseas markets to delight and inspire visitors to visit Singapore and explore their passion for art.

In another first, STB has chosen to work with creative talents who themselves belong to the respective tribe that they are working on. This is a deliberate move to bring out authentic tribe stories from Singapore and build affinity within the tribes.