Vietnam Airlines Provides Online Hotel Booking Service

Vietnam, accommodation, air transport

National carrier Vietnam Airlines (VNA) launched a hotel booking service on its website this month. Customers can either book flights in advance and make hotel room reservations separately or book both flights and hotel rooms together.

Vietnam airlines’hotel-booking service allows customers to search and book different types of rooms at various destinations, not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Customers can visit the website to search for hotels based on the type of hotel and its location. To find a suitable room, customers can also read feedback on the travel website, Tripadvisor.

The service will constantly update the prices of hotels offered by the various providers to ensure its customers that it offers the best in terms of flexibility, value for money and also accuracy of the properties on offer.

The carrier’s special package, VNA Holidays, features the new service that provides customers with a series of options for hotel bookings.

Vietnam Airlines debuted VNA Holidays in December 2014. Before launching the hotel booking service, customers who wanted to book a room were required to first book an air ticket.

The carrier expects to expand the range of its online booking services to other fields, such as a car rental service, in the coming period. Vietnam Airlines also allows customers to make payments by using various channels such as credit card or online pay options.

In another development, the carrier is boosting capacities between Vietnam and Japan. Vietnam Airlines confirmed the launching of a new international route from Danang. The coming IATA winter season will see Vietnam national carrier inaugurating Danang to Osaka Kansai international Airport route flown on a daily basis. The carrier will use an Airbus A321 with two classes of service. On the route linking Hanoi to Nagoya-Chubu International Airport, Vietnam Airlines is also adding more capacities. From October 28, the carrier will switch four times a week its current Airbus A321 for a Boeing 787. This represents some 400 additional seats per week. Vietnam Airlines flies daily between Hanoi and Nagoya.