Mini Mekong Movie Festival Gets HSMAI Golden Adrian Award

Mekong tourism, marketing

The initiative Mekong Mini Movie Festival has recently been rewarded with the HSMAI Golden Adrian Award, which looks after exceptional promotion programs in the tourism world.

The Mekong Mini Movie Festival campaign managed by Chameleon Strategies, a company which is specialised in promoting destinations and events in digital media,  has been distinguished with the prestigious HSMAI Golden Adrian Award. This award is the most respected and recognized awards program in travel and tourism and hospitality in the world.

This is the second time that Mekong Tourism wins a Gold level award. A few years back, Mekong Tourism was recognized with a Gold Award for

The award also acknowledges hte fact that the Mekong Mini Movie Festival is a true public private partnership collaborating between six tourism ministries, the private sector, as well as WWF to highlight conservation and wildlife protection. It was also unique as the campaign enabled businesses to get involved to further drive business by promoting the campaign.

Another unique point was the fact that the advisory board and the entire tourism industry was engaged to vote for the winners, by adding a film screening to the program. The Mekong Mini Movie Festival then succeeded to promote less known destinations, small enterprises, local initiatives and give them world exposure- until now a prerogative that only tourism authorities or travel and tourism companies with comprehensive budgets could implement.

The Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office is now planning its 2nd Asia Destination Film Conference on January 10 in Bangkok. The half day event will be also the opportunity to launch the 2019 Mekong Mini Movie Festival, and recognize our 2018 Mekong Minis winners.