Taipei Makes Thailand Most Famous Drag Queen its Ambassador

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Pangina Heals strolling in Taipei in a Taipei Department of Communication and Tourism video.

Taiwan capital city Taipei is daring to do in Asia what nobody has done so far. Asking one of the most famous drag queen performers of Thailand, Pangina Heals, to become the destination ambassador for Thailand…

Taipei is turning into one of the trendiest cities in Asia and probably one of the most tolerant one in the region, particularly in the Chinese speaking world. The city -although not the most beautiful at first sight in Asia for visitors- is however a vibrant cultural, fashionable and culinary destination. The fact that Taipei is also one of the most gay-friendly city in Asia – with the biggest pride event in the region- makes it a perfect destination for Bangkok millennials.

Did it explain then the choice of Pan Pan Nakprasert aka Pangina Heals as the new ambassador to the brand. “It was a true surprise when they announced me that they wanted to make me promoting Taipei in Bangkok, although we already had some collaboration before,” explains Nakprasert.

“Taipei is a fabulous place for food-lovers and of course shopaholics,” he further adds.

“Let’s be clear about it. There is no real sexual message behind the hiring of Pangina Heals. We were looking for a fun, colourful personality in Thailand. And our communication agency suggested Pan Pan Nakprasert. We just loved the way he entertains crowds, the way he speaks and his incredible creativity. We have been immediately convinced that he was the right ambassador for Taipei”, says Mrs. Yu-Shin Chen, Deputy Commissioner of Taipei Department of Information and Tourism.

“There is however a keen interest to promote Taipei to the LGBT community in Thailand as they are more focused into culture and art as well as fashion than other markets. And of course by hiring Pangina Heals, we want to show that Taipei is really embracing all types of travellers and is open to anybody,” adds Tony Wu, Director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Bangkok.

The cooperation between Taipei Department of Information and Tourism and Pan Pan Nakprassert translated into the artist performing fashion show and commercial presentations as flamboyant dragqueen Pangina Heals. Pangina is featured into an online video which shows her enjoying Taipei tasty foods and a holiday around town, all with her witty vision as a drag queen.

The campaign with Ambassador Pangina Heals is also one element to attract more Thai travellers to Taiwan. “The free-visa introduction for Thai travellers has been déterminent for us to concentrate more on the Thai market. Last year, Thailand generated some 357,000 travellers to our country. This is still far away from Vietnam, who is our top incoming market in Southeast Asia with over 600,000 travellers last year,” tells Tony Wu.

“We can target a million Thai travellers within the next three to four years especially as they are more and more airlines linking Thailand and Taiwan. We will for example soon have the first flight between Bangkok and Taichung with Thai Vietjet while Thai Lionair recently launched Chiang Mai-Taipei,” adds Taiwan Tourism Bureau Director.

Not only food and shopping could be of interest for Thai travellers. “Temples visit of course but also sport tourism as well as cyclying are these days popular for Thai visitors and we want to capitalize on all these activities,” tells Mrs. Yu-Shin Chen. Let Pangina Heals rides a bike between Taipei temples then…