Air bnb Plus Arrives in Bangkok and Phuket

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Airbnb Plus page for Shanghai

Airbnb, a leading community-driven travel platform, unveils its next stage of growth in Southeqst Asia with Thailand witnessing the launch of Airbnb Plus in Bangkok. It will be followed in December by Airbnb Plus in Phuket. 

Airbnb Plus is a selection of homes of the highest quality offered by hosts with great reviews and attention to detail. As travelers look for more unique stays based on trusted recommendations by peers and key influencers, every Airbnb Plus home has been verified for quality by a third party, giving added assurance to guests about the quality of their stay.

The concept has been already very popular in Europe, North America and Australia with thousands of Airbnb Plus homes available in cities such as Edinburgh, Lisbon, Rome, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Mexico or Seattle. In Asia, only Shanghai has been so far listed with over 400 homes. In Southeast Asia, Thailand will be the first country to propose an Airbnb Plus offer.

Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Country Manager Mike Orgill said, “Airbnb Plus was introduced to broaden the appeal of Airbnb and recognize local hosts who go above and beyond to provide outstanding and authentic hospitality. We’re thrilled to be launching this new tier of homes in Bangkok and will roll out in Phuket next month. With more than 400 million global guest arrivals, our engagement with our hosts have allowed us to continuously improve our product and launch Airbnb Plus homes, now personally verified for all the comforts and amenities we know travellers expect in a home.”

Starting with 43 homes across some of Bangkok’s most sought after neighbourhoods, Airbnb Plus is intended for guests looking for one-of-a-kind, thoughtfully designed, beautiful homes with exceptional hosts. Airbnb Plus hosts are highly rated (4.8+ out of 5) and receive excellent reviews, providing added peace of mind for guests. Airbnb Plus homes have been inspected and verified in person by a third party against a 100+ point checklist covering cleanliness, comfort and design. Hosts can benefit from top placement on Airbnb’s app and website, in-home services, expert photography and premium customer support. By December, Phuket will be added as well and it is likely that more destinations will follow such as Chiang Mai or Krabi.

Thailand is an important and fast growing market for Airbnb with nearly half a million Thais using the service to travel in the past year alone. With the peak travel period in December, Airbnb Plus is a great option for Thais travelling as a couple or with families. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations with more than 1.5 million inbound guests in the past year, showing that people from all over the world are using Airbnb to explore and experience Thailand.