Border Trouble Almost Fully Resolved between Cambodia and Vietnam

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Officials plant a border post. DAP News

Relations have always been complicated at political levels between Cambodia and Vietnam, especially following wars in Indochina and Vietnam’s invasion of Cambodia in 1979. Borders’ disputes have been frequent but both countries seem to now have settled their differences over national boundaries…

Back to 2005, both Cambodia and Vietnam signed a supplementary treaty to the original 1985 Treaty on Delimitation of National Boundaries, which Cambodia rejected, talking about Vietnamese encroachment into its territory.

Claiming territories on both sides have regularly emerged, however with a will since 2011 to resolve disputes and definitely fix national boundaries between both countries. On 24 June 2012, Vietnam and Cambodia celebrated the demarcation of the last marker on their shared border. In November 2016, Prime Minister Hun Sen and his Vietnamese counterpart agreed to request France’s assistance to convert existing maps from a scale of 1:100,000 to a more detailed 1:50,000.

Last Monday, Cambodia and Vietnam announced to have largely completed border demarcation in Ratanakkiri and Mondulkiri provinces at locations agreed by the two parties.

A few disputed areas were left untouched pending France’s assistance, according to border committee officials. According to a report of the Phnom Penh Post, Border Committee chairman Var Kim Hong indicated  that 84 per cent of the border demarcation with Vietnam had been completed, while the remaining 16 per cent will be decided with French assistance.

Royal Academy of Cambodia president Sok Touch declared to the Phnom Penh Post that they were still several places on the border that Cambodia and Vietnam have not agreed to.

They include border poles number 55 to 60 and some areas in Paknhai commune of Ratanakkiri province’s O’Yadav district, where Vietnamese nationals have dug several ponds over the past few years. He said Cambodia will demarcate a total of 314 border poles with Vietnam over a distance of 1,270km. It includes 40 new demarcated border posts in Mondulkiri and Ratanakkiri provinces.