Bali Named Asia Best Family Destination by Australians

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(Photo: Pixabay)

Bali remains more than ever a popular top destination for Australian travellers as confirmed by a recent series of awards given to the Island of the Gods by families participating to a survey. Bali attracts close to 90% of all Australian holidaymakers in Indonesia.

Bali received three awards as a family group tourist destination from Australian travel media, Family Travel, that is beneath the Australian media company Bound Round.

According to a statement from the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney released last week, the household Travel People`s Choice Awards was the consequence of a survey on holiday destinations selected by Australian families. Answers to the survey were collected between April and July 2018 among a large spectrum of various Australian families of all social classes and conditions including the ones who travel with special needs. The survey generated over 120,000 answers.

Of the seventy selected categories, Bali managed to win three awards as the best international tourist destination for a lot more than five nuclear families; the best international tourist spot to vacation with a group consisting of many families; and the best international tourist spot for a holiday with a large family.

The survey was organized by Bound Round, a media company focusing on family travel that serves customers in the Asia-Pacific region. The company has a series of media online plat-forms such as,,, and

Through its online platforms, such as  familytravel for example, Bound Round company helps parents to plan family trips along integrating a vast array of various holiday activities which are particularly dedicated to grouped members of a family.

The result hangs also to the incredible popularity of Bali in Indonesia. From 1.19 million Australian tourists in 2017 (-0.8% compared to 2016) visiting Indonesia, Bali alone attracted 1.06 million of them, representing a market share of 89.1%. By comparison, Australian arrivals to Jakarta -the second most visited destination after Bali- reached only 80,000, equivalent to a market share of 6.6%. From January to August, Australian arrivals topped 850,000 visitors, including 751,000 for the island of Bali, a market share of 88.3%.

(Source: Antara News)