Chiang Mai to be Part of Michelin Guide Next Edition

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Bangkok first, Phuket and Bangkok surroundings then and now Chiang Mai. The future next edition of the Michelin Guide will also rate restaurants and eateries in Northern Thailand…

The announcement was done by the Tourism Authority of Thailand last week. By integrating Chiang Mai the Michelin Guide will showcase Thailand’s three most vibrant regional culinary scenes in 2020 with Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket & Phang Nga. The 2020 edition is due to come out by the end of the year.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor said, “The addition of Chiang Mai as another culinary destination in the latest edition of the Michelin Guide in Thailand reflects the growth of gastronomic tourism in Thailand. The 2019 edition rates with one or two stars 27 restaurants and eateries in Thailand and Phuket.

“Chiang Mai is a logical inclusion in the guide, given it has such a thriving food scene and since it is a major tourist attraction and travel hub connecting to secondary destinations in the North. The Michelin Guide will help to further elevate Chiang Mai’s culinary status.”

The Chiang Mai of today is an enchanting blend of the old and the modern, including when it comes to the city’s fantastic culinary scene. The diversity of food and eateries is impressive, ranging from high-end restaurants catering to the fine-dining crowd to small local joints serving Lanna-style dishes full of flavours and aromas.

Chiang Mai is also home to many Royal Project sites which, while helping to preserve the region’s agricultural heritage and traditions and providing better, more sustainable livelihoods for the local people, are a source of the freshest produce and ingredients for the city’s culinary foodscape.

For the millions of tourists who visit Chiang Mai each year, an impressive range of accommodation is on offer to suit all tastes and budgets. From quaint hostels and budget guesthouses nestled in side streets, to mid-range properties and five-star addresses located downtown, to amazing boutique hideaways in lush green surroundings.

All of these factors come together to make Chiang Mai a gastronomic tourism destination of wonderful diversity and quality.

Mr. Segsarn Trai-Ukos, Country Director of Michelin Siam and Secretary General of Michelin East Asia and Australia, said: “Chiang Mai is deserving of being highlighted in the Michelin Guide in Thailand for its distinctive local cuisine. This edition of the Michelin Guide serves as a true testimony of the regional diversity of Thai food, which varies due to the combination of climate, geography, culture, history, and ethnicities of each region. This makes Thailand an ideal and truly exciting gastro-tourism destination.”