No Alcohol Served Anymore at Events within Angkor Wat Temples Area

Cambodia, Angkor Wat, MICE

Drinks containing alcool will be banned from next year at events organised within the premises of Angkor Temples, announced last week Angkor Wat Temples authority APSARA. The ban could however deter the hosting of prestigious events at the temples and deprive Angkor from additional revenues…

Angkor Archaeological Park is a major contributor to tourism in Cambodia. The fabled temples complex attracts year after year over 2.5 million international visitors, contributing to bring US$117 million to the State. Although the temple complex suffers from increasing congestion with visitors, it is still the most attractive destination for visiting for foreign travellers.

Over the years, Angkor Wat Complex also turned into an attractive MICE location, prestigious gala dinners and events being hosted in front of some of the temples. They are regular events hosted but they could soon face new restrictions as alcohol is due to be banned. An Information Note released by the National APSARA Authority dated June 14th 2019, indicated that starting January 1st, 2o20, any type of alcoholic drinks and beverages will no longer be allowed nor served in the premises of every of the Angkor Temples that are being used for Gala Dinners and Events. The measure has been taken to preserve the holy sacred character of the temple complex and in respect to the World Heritage Status of the Angkor temples. This could of course affect the hosting of prestigious events at the temples and deprive the APSARA Authority of additional revenues.

In another development, APSARA announced to plant 40,000 new trees in a bid to restore the environment in the Angkor Archaeological Park, as deforestation is contributing to damage the temples, especially against natural catastrophes such as flooding.