Malaysia Finally Unveiled its Visit Malaysia 2020 Logo to the Public

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Delayed and delayed again for the past couple of months, Malaysia finally unveiled to the public its new Visit Malaysia 2020 logo, replacing a hastily created previous logo that became the mockery of netizens and professionals. The logo looks now professional and refers to many of Malaysia tourism strong selling points.

It was finally time. On July 21, Malaysia finally presented its reshaped Visit Malaysia 2020 logo to the public after months of waiting. The previous logo launched two years before at the ASEAN travel forum had been judged amateurish -some even qualifying the drawing as ridiculous!

Tourism Malaysia unveiled logo of Visit Malaysia 2020 (VMY2020) is inspired by Malaysian batik. The logo features the rhinoceros hornbill perched on the left, illustrating the unique fauna and eco-adventures that Malaysia has to offer.

The top right of the logo features the red hibiscus, also known as bunga raya in Bahasa Malaysia which loosely translates to “flower of celebration”. The flowers represent the celebration of cultural diversity in Malaysia. Meanwhile, the wild fern below the hibiscus, locally known as paku pakis, is an edible plant that is a favourite among all races in Malaysia. Hence, making it an apt representation of the unique flavours of Malaysian cuisine.

The blue, red and yellow colours used in the logo represent the colours of the country national flag. Also, the orange colour illustrates the year-round sunshine Malaysia receives, while the green colour represents the abundance of nature in Malaysia. The focus on hornbill, batik, the national flower and the multi-colour theme reflects the country’s desire look deep within, appreciate what it has, and showcase it to the world with pride, Tourism Malaysia said in a statement.

According to Tourism Malaysia, each element in the logo individually showcases the diversity of experiences a tourist may embark on only on Malaysian soil. In addition to giving foreign tourists a taste of Malaysia’s bountiful offerings, the features in the logo also urges local Malaysians to advocate the preservation of our country’s identity as the nation moves forward in this fast-moving era of globalisation.

With the new campaign, Tourism Malaysia hopes to achieve a target of 30 million international travellers and RM100 billion toruism receipts for VMY2020. The tourism agency indicated that it will promote the event with “a renewed vigour and passion” and has received the endorsement of private and public companies such as Sharp Electronics, Malaysia Airlines (MAB), AirAsia, Firefly, Malindo Air and Malaysia Airports Holdings (MAHB). A few hours following the unveiling, the first aircraft of Malaysia Airlines appeared with the logo of the Visit Year on its livery…