Sentosa Island in Union with Brani Island

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Sentosa-Brani redevelopment is part of Singapore future Greater Southern Waterfront (Photo: Sentosa Development Corporation)

Set next to each other off the southern coast of Singapore, near Keppel Harbour, both islands of Sentosa and Brani will be combined for a new leisure development which will reshape the resort island over the next 20 to 30 years and is part for a future Greater Southern Waterfront, a mega waterfront development in the southern part of Singapore.

It is a long process which will take place over the next 20 to 30 years, a process which was announced during the speech of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the country’s National Day in the middle of August. Sentosa will be redeveloped to integrate new leisure facilities and more resorts as it will extend to neighbouring island of Brani.

Both islands are already linked together by a bridge which allows cars to go direct from Singapore mainland into Sentosa. Pulau Brani is for the time being a rather unattractive place. A large part of the island makes up the current Brani Terminal with dozens of cargo ships docked every day along its coast. However, maritime cargo is due to move to the new Tuas mega port by 2027, leaving spaces for new developments.

Last September, the first key milestone of Sentosa Brani Master Plan has been unveiled. The plan is due to turn Sentosa Island turned into an enhanced leisure and tourism destination, according Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC).

The Sentosa-Brani Master Plan will be rolled out in phases over the next two to three decades. It will see both islands doted with new world-class attractions as well as fresh night-time attractions. The new spaces will reflect authenticity and sustainability – including rejuvenated beaches and nature trails through five distinct zones – Vibrant Cluster, Island Heart, Waterfront, Ridgeline, and Beachfront.

Not even 25 years old and due to demolition: Sentosa Merlion statue is to be demolished for new projects.

“The Sentosa-Brani Master Plan is one of our tourism developments to position Singapore as a leading destination for the next few decades. Sentosa Sensoryscape is the first project under this Master Plan. It will complement the expansion of Resorts World Sentosa and subsequent infrastructure enhancements on Sentosa and Brani. Our tourism industry has plenty of scope for further growth and rejuvenation,” said Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Education, Mr Chee Hong Tat.

The new 30,000 sqm Sentosa Sensoryscape will link Resorts World Sentosa in the north to Sentosa’s beaches in the south through a multi-sensory experience. It will be started by the end of 2019 for a completion in 2022.

Sentosa Sensoryscape will feature a series of novel, picture-worthy vessel-like structures, measuring some 25 m wide and 13 m tall. Each of these will be framed by unique architectural features, around human five senses through various elements such as polyphonic water features, mist as well as fragrant flowers and plant species.

Authorities promise that the future construction site will not disturb visitors to Sentosa island numerous attractions. Sensoryscape will however make one victim among attractions. The giant statue of the Singapore Merlion, which greets visitors arriving by car will be demolished to give way to the new infrastructure…