Art Afternoon Tea between Rosewood Bangkok and S.A.C. Subhashok the Arts Centre Celebrates Gay Love

Rosewood, LGBT, Bangkok,

Art, pastries and afternoon tea are getting well along thanks to a special initiative of the Rosewood hotel in Bangkok, artist Vipoo Srivilasa, represented in Thailand by Subhashok The Arts Centre.

Since November 6, Rosewood Bangkok in cooperation with S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre, a major art gallery and art partner of the hotel, are celebrating together diversity, love and equality through a special Art Afternoon Tea, a unique event in the hospitality industry in Bangkok.

The event is an important support to the cause of the LGBT community in Thailand. Thai artist Vipoo Srivilasa has been living for a couple of years now in Australia and just married his partner in Melbourne. While Thailand de-penalised homosexuality back to 1956, little progress has been carried since the fifties to acknowledge gay and lesbian communities in Thailand public life. Debates are still ongoing around the legalisation of  same-sex marriage.

Srivilasa new exhibition in Thailand is his first comeback in Bangkok in the last 4 years. Subhashok The Arts Centre already welcomed in 2016 the crowd-pleasing ‘Red-eared Slider’ exhibition at Subhashok The Arts Centre (S.A.C.).

‘The Marriage of Sang Thong’ is a big-scale exhibition taken place both at Subhashok the Arts Centre from 23rd November – 19th January 2020 and Rosewood Bangkok hotel 6th November – 4th January 2020 looking at  global-stage controversies that touch upon same-sex marriage (LGBTQ) which has a direct impact to the artist. Thai-born with Australian nationality, Vipoo Srivilasa lives and widely acclaimed from his artistic journey in Australia. He grasps international attention from worldwide extensiveness of exhibitions and grand prizes from countless international art contests.

The classic Thai mythology ‘Sang Thong’ provides a background for a meticulous narration by the artist through a multidimensional story. Featured artworks in “The Marriage of Sang Thong” including carved bronze sculptures that individually convey 10 important incidents of same-sex marriage movements such as Stonewall incident—when a group of gay community created gay rights awareness in New York in 1969, and “Yes” campaign of Australia in 2017. The artist also showcases a movement emerged within Thailand in the work called “1956”, and a follow-up that hopes to bring same-sex marriage to the country in “2020”.  All the works are delicately crafted into numerous characters from Sang Thong.  More than 50 pieces have been sent all the way from Australia.

‘The Marriage of Sang Thong’ is supported by an Art Afternoon Tea session of Rosewood Bangkok. The five-star hotel located in Bangkok’s central business district asked French Executive Pastry Chef Florian Couteau to sort a series of desserts who reimagines Vipoo’s art pieces to celebrate the diversity of love.

This special event takes place on the 7th floor at Lakorn European Brasserie. The Chef created special desserts which follow the colours of the rainbow in a very creative way. Red, green, yellow, orange, blue and purple, each of Chef Florian creation is a delight mixing salted, sweet, sour flavours in a surprising blend. On the 3rd floor of Rosewood Bangkok, some art pieces of Vipoo will be also on display. Art Afternoon Tea is offered to guests from 2.30pm to 5pm until early December to a cost of THB1,299.