Asia Destination Film Awards Calling for Submissions

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The 2020 Asia Destination Film Forum with an awards ceremony will be hosted in Bangkok on January 30, 2020.

The 2nd Asia Destination Film Forum 2020 is calling for submissions for the Asia Destination Film Awards 2020. Hosted in Bangkok on 30 January 2020, the 2020 Asia Destination Film Awards will follow the 2nd Asia Destination Film Forum celebrating sustainable tourism promotion via visual storytelling featuring producers of award-winning films including “The Cave”, “The Last Reel”, “The Eagle Huntress”, and Netflix series “The Stranded”, as well as case studies from South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, and Mongolia.

The submissions to the 2020 Asia Destination Film Awards are free of charge and open until 15 January 2020 in five categories:

  1. Tourism Board Category (Public Sector)
  2. Travel Industry Category (Private Sector)
  3. User-Generated Content Category (Video Bloggers)
  4. Professional Film Makers Category (Documentaries & Feature Films)
  5. Sustainable Travel Category (Special Recognition)

Any film, which directly or indirectly promotes tourism to a destination, can participate. The submission link can be found on the Forum’s website under .

Submissions will be shortlisted, and selected films will be screened at the Asia Destination Film Forum in Bangkok on 30 January 2020. The Awards will take place on the same day, followed by the Film Festival BBQ Party.

More information about the event is available under