Niche Product Packages Launched for Malaysia

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Malaysia Tourism recently launched ‘MYexperience PACKAGE FOR VISIT MALAYSIA 2020’ at Dewan Dr. Dr. Ismail, World Trade Center (WTC) in Kuala Lumpur as the country wants to strengthen the share of domestic travellers.

The main objective of this launch is to enhance the promotion of niche products through the collection of 500 comprehensive niche packages in the MYexperience booklet. The publication has been updated and added with the involvement of 109 registered tour operators promoting attractive packages for the Visit Malaysia Year 2020. It is expected to attract local and international tourists but will focus initially at domestic tourism as international arrivals are slowing down, due to the Coronavirus crisis.

The launch ceremony was filled with interactive and informative activities throughout the program. It is estimated that 200 attendees will be made up of government and private organizations, public and private universities, and the tourism industry.

The launch of this MYexperience booklet is timely and very suitable for promoting domestic holidays among Malaysians,” YB said. Datuk Mohamaddin bin Ketapi, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia. The minister said the Myexperience Package was also in line with the ‘quick win’ initiative in addressing the country’s tourism industry, which was also influenced by the global COVID-19 crisis.

This Myexperience package is available through and in addition to the website of each travel agency involved. The package’s validity period is up to the end of December 2020. The packages are offered covering 23 segments including sports tourism, ecological tourism, medical or health tourism, educational tourism, gastronomic tourism, lifestyle-based tourism and shopping.

The initiative is designed to support the objectives of the Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign, which aims to attract more than 30 million tourists and approximately RM100 billion in tourist receipts. However, with the current crisis, Malaysia might face difficulties to reach this target.