Vietnam Suspends Temporarily Visa-on-Arrival Facilities for Eight European Countries

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Italy but also France, Germany, Sweden or the UK. Since yesterday, Vietnam has reintroduced visas for travellers from those countries as the coronavirus epidemics gets stronger in those countries. 

After China, Iran, Italy or South Korea, Vietnam on Monday decided to temporarily suspend visa-free travel for citizens from eight additional European countries amid growing concern over the coronavirus epidemic, its government said. The temporary suspension applied to citizens of Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain, the government said in a news release on its website.

The move comes after the Southeast Asian country recorded an additional 14 cases over the weekend, of whom 11 were in patients who had traveled from Europe. The government said it would consider the same measure to countries that have had more than 500 total infection cases or more than 50 cases reported in a day. Next on the list is probably the Netherlands. The nine European countries generated a total of 1,126 million travellers to Vietnam in 2019.

In all Vietnam has 30 confirmed cases of the disease caused by the virus, 100 suspected cases under quarantine and 16 cases of patients who have recovered, its health ministry said.

The country earlier halted visa-free travel for Italian and South Korean over the virus concern. South Koreans are being quarantined for two weeks upon arrival to the country which forced to end up temporarily all the flights between both countries since March 5. Following new requirements of the Vietnamese government, all passengers, including Vietnamese and foreign citizens, are requested to fill in medical status declaration forms before coming to Vietnam, starting from 06h00 local time since March 7th, 2020.