Vietnam Saw Tourist Arrivals Dropping by 68% in March

(Photo: Spice Roads)

Vietnam is the first country in ASEAN to release data for March over international tourist arrivals. And as expected, tourism plunged by over 68% due to the devastating effect of COVID-19. This gives an idea of what other countries in the region can expect…

International visitors to Vietnam in March 2020 was estimated to have reached 449.923 arrivals. This represented a decrease of 63,8% over February and a decrease of 68,1% over the same period 2019.

Total international arrivals in 3 months 2020 reached 3.686.779 arrivals, down 18,1% over the same period in 2019. While tourism from Europe declined “only” by 34.5%, the drop in tourist arrivals looked abyssal from Asia. The continent sent in March 77.2% less tourists than the same month of 2019.

Some countries however still managed to generate more tourists. Cambodian visitors’ arrivals were up by 227%, Lao PDR by 57.5% while Russia generated a miraculous increase of 4.9% in total travellers in March. The most affected inbound source markets were China and Korea with total arrivals down respectively by 91.4% and 91.5%.

Among countries showing steep declines in March are also Italy, down 79.1%, Hong Kong 78%, the USA down 71.6%, Taiwan down 65.8% and Canada down by 64.8%.While total international arrivals were down 18.1% during the first quarter 2020, total arrivals from Asia fared worst, down by 21.1%.

In a communication in February, the Vietnam National Tourism Administration estimated that the coronavirus outbreak was expected to cause $3 to $4 billion in direct damage to Vietnam’s tourism industry. This estimation seems already to conservative as the crisis is deepening and is now affecting regional movements.