NEWS Round-Up April 1-April 3, 2020

ASEAN, coronavirus


As the COVID-19 wiped out entirely the travel and transport industry, will only report over the next month once to twice a week to provide the latest trends in ASEAN tourism. We remind our readers to take care and protect themselves and their close family as well as helping as much as possible mdecial staff but also their employees if they run a business. Let’s hope that this unprecedented crisis in history will soon be a bad dream and that new flourishing times will come again to all.

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According to OAG data. total capacity in Southeast Asia declined by 29.4% during the week of March 23 compared to last year and by a futher 22% in the week of March 30. They were according to AOG a total of 4.81 million seats on March 30 for scheduled airlines compared to 10. 87 million seats on January 20 when a lockdown started to be implemented in Hubei province in China.

Weekly scheduled capacity (Mar 16 – Mar 29):
(Source: OAG)


  • Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen told last Monday at a news conference that all casinos would close on April 1. The measure followed the closure a week before of all restaurants, bars and entertainment venues while a ban on foreign travellers has been implemented. Cambodia has the largest number of casinos operating in Southeast Asia with more than 125 venues operating as of December 2019, many of them being  Chinese-run.


  • The government is generating confusion on a full lockdown, Indonesian President Widodo Jokowi speaking against such a measure while many cities and regions take the decision to fully suspend movements of people coming from the outside. Maluku and West Papua already suspended transportation by air and sea while some cities in Central and West Java implement lockdowns, cutting road access. Jakarta Governor and the Government are at odds over measures to adopt for the capital, which is the centre of the pandemics in the country.


  • After hesitating and denying to have been affected by COVID-19, Laotian authorities finally decided to put the country on a quasi-total lockdown from March 30 to April 19, 2020. Quasi lockdown as restaurants, bars and hotels are still open to business. However public transport and air transport services are now suspended while borders are closed to foreign arrivals.


  • The city state is tightening its lockdown starting this coming Tuesday as it experiences a sharper rise of local cases in recent days. People will be advice to stay home while most business premises will be shuttered. Schools and other educational institutions will all have to close from next Wednesday. People will still be allowed to go out to buy food at markets, or to get take-out from restaurants and other food outlets, Lee said, adding that they can also exercise in parks as long as they keep a safe distance from others. Companies providing essential services such as food establishments, supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, utility providers, transport companies and banks can continue to operate during the one month lockdown which would then end by April 30.


  • The country entered a curfew on Thursday with all activities being banned from 10pm to 4am. Restrictions are also implemented in transportation with reduced frequencies for public transport in Bangkok and many inter-provincial bus services suspended. All the Thai airlines suspended international flights with only Thai Smile and Bangkok Airways keeping a few domestic flights operating.
  • Phuket airport is closing its doors on April 10 while hotels on the island have been ordered to close their doors from April 4 as the epidemy is growing rapidly on the island.
  •  Government continues to tight up entry conditions into the country. Any traveller coming from abroad is now NOT allowed to enter Thailand beside a few exceptions. The measure is valid untilt he end of the month.