Cambodia Softens Entry Conditions for Travellers

Cambodia, travel requirement, flights ban, COVID-19

Prime Minister Hun Sen (Photo supplied to the Khmer Times)

As the Cambodian Government fears a loss of US$3 billion in total revenues from tourism due to the COVID-19 crisis and impossible conditions to enter the country, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen wants now to soften requirements for potential travellers. A step in the right direction despite a spike in COVID cases. 

Cambodia tourism is collapsing and the government now realises that its previous requirements for a US$3,000 deposit and a compulsory  insurance equivalent to a US$50,000 health cover have a deterrent effect on potential travellers.

The Khmer Times, a Cambodian newspaper tightly linked to government’s circles, announced at the end of last week that Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has approved in principle to eliminate the $3,000 deposit, and $50,000 insurance for selected groups of travellers. Simplified entry rules would target investors, business people, experts and technical staff as well as their close family members according to government’s spokesman Meas Sok Sensan to the Khmer Times.

The newspaper highlights that a technical working group of the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Health will however further discuss and monitor the effects of such a measure in a bid to avoid a spike in COVID cases and put public health at stake.

The decision from the PM comes at a time of a ressurgence of COVID cases in the Kingdom. Over the last week, some 20 new cases of infections were detected. Cambodia decided to suspend temporarily all flights from Indonesia and Malaysia. The new 23 cases were recorded from travellers arriving from both countries, many being in transit in the Middle East and Malaysia as they came from Russia. The ban is due to be effective from August 1st until further notice.

Cambodia has so far identified a total of 225 cases of COVID-19 in the Kingdom, consisting of 46 women and 179 men. Of them, 143 already recovered.

(Partial source: The Khmer Post)