Myanmar Introduces Fast-Track Visa Approval

23/04/2018 0

Myanmar is further improving visa procedures. Since mid-April, the government introduced a fast-track visa procedure valid only for e-visa. Myanmar has been among the first countries in Southeast Asia to approve e-visa for tourists due [Read More…]

Homestay to Come Soon to Myanmar?

02/03/2018 0

Myanmar is one of the few countries in Southeast Asia without a home-stay program. This is due to restrictive laws in vigor. However, law could soon be changed according to newspaper Myanmar Times. The home-stay programme [Read More…]

Myanmar Wants to Develop Tourism in New Regions

15/02/2018 0

Although the flow of negative news over Myanmar continues linked to the Rohingya crisis, the government remains committed to further develop tourism and boost arrivals, particularly from neighbouring countries. While Western countries feel more concern [Read More…]

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